Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday, Part 2.....or, give the drunks what they want!

Sorry, my dear three readers. My local-yocal friends have asked for more party pics. So, by popular demand, I must do a party picture reprise. The funny thing is that all these friends think that my having a blog is so 'interesting' and 'cool'. I just laugh. I tell them that there are probably blogs about sock folding, weed pulling, and ditch digging, and that if they wanted to, they could have one too!
Anyway, give 'em what they want I guess, and back to food tomorrow!
My sister-in-law Megan, cozying up to Jose Quervo. He was a popular guy that evening. Go get you some limes and salt, girlie!!

Yes, I know my eyes are closed and this is not a flattering picture of me. But even though I AM THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, I sacrifice, because Adam, my YOUNGER BROTHER (yes, you're noticing his grey hair by now) needs attention and I'll accept looking queer with my eyes closed, even though he's looking handsome despite the GREY HAIR, nevermind he's almost two and a half years younger than me! WHICH ONE OF US LOOKS 40?!?!?!

My husband, Rob and our dear friend Mike. You can call him Waldo. He's married to Ann. She's in the next shot, looking guilty!

Yeah. She's going home with Waldo, if he's claiming her!

Lisa & Eric.....two of my favorite people on the entire planet! I love to split a 12-pack with Eric and then have an 'intellectual' conversation with him....he went to Yale Law, so he could have 24 beers and still sound like a genious! I love it. I know he humors me.

CONGA IN THE KITCHEN!!!!! A first! I'm going to try to get my kids to do this sometime. I think they'd dig it.

Julie and Kris.......

"SLAY-DAY! You bring me up when I'm down (up when I'm down!)" This is Slade. He's the party spin-doc.

Oh look! Two more of my favorite people, Jane and Ann. Love them!

Sorry you three loyal readers; you know who you are. I've TOLD all these fools that IF THEY WERE VERY, VERY LUCKY, that MAYBE, just MAYBE......Peter, or Krysta, or Stacey would drop by and leave them some sort of comment or critique on their outfit or their inhebriation.
I have a backlog of food photos to blog on.....good God, if this birthday week would ever just go away, I would be able to post on them.


Lisa said...

Happy, happy, birthday! You have a month on me...I turn 40 next month. So who finished the bottle and ate the worm?

Jan said...

A very belated Happy Birthday. It looks like you had a blast.

EAT! said...

Happy belated birthday. How much fun to have a surprise party. I tried to surprise my husband for his 30th birthday - I thought I pulled it off, but he confessed that he knew about all along.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, I love them....sis n law kind of has a Julianne Moore thang going on. I wish I HAD friends like that!!!!!! I have no fun friends. Well I have one set of fun friends BUT they live on OH and we live in really you can say I have no fun friends. Everyone is a dud. People suck and you have unsucky people and I want some!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I have not posted anything in weeks.....for some reason my kids are dragging me into the gutter these last 3 months. I am poppin' clonapin like they are my best friend. If I hear one more whiney syllabal come out of their pretty little heads I might have to knock'em into next week...a girl can dream anyway.

Leah said...

Lisa -- amazingly, the bottle is still worm tho'. SOMEONE must have gotten it! Happy 40th to you too!

Jan & Amy -- thanks! I did have a feeling something was 'up'. When people asked me if I was surprised, my answer for the evening was, "I was surprised it was this NICE!!" My husband pulled through. ;-)

Stacey -- you kill me. I'm sure your friends have a fun side! You just have to find it! ;-) Maybe they need some tequila and Earth, Wind and Fire ... they work wonders for some people. Even sucky people who are normally duds!

I'll tell Megan you think she has the Julianne Moore workin' -- she will LOVE that!

Now go cook something, even if it's a pb & j. You'll feel better!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Happy Belate Birthday! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Kitchen Goddess said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry I'm late.