Wednesday, February 6, 2008

UGH! Wisconsin.

So I heard from my sister-in-law today. She and my brother live in LA. "No posts on your blog this week?" she asks. "NO!", I reply. "No f*#$ing posts. Do you understand the lighting issues I'm dealing with here in Milwaukee? No sunshine for days on end? How the hell am I supposed to do my food justice, when I have to shoot it with FAKE LIGHT?!?!"

That's why I have no photos lately. It's not because I've been cooking crappy food......Carnitas with Tomatillo Salsa....Chinese Style Short Ribs with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes...Triple Chocolate Brownies....Chicken Breasts in Sundried Tomato Cream...yeah, all of these items have been churned out of my kitchen in the past week. But I refuse to shoot crappy pictures from the artificial light in my house. 'Cause I know my shots will look like doo-doo, and I doo-doo not want doo-doo pictures!!

Today we had a snowstorm (you might have heard about it if you watch the news) where we got 18 inches of snow. Seriously. 18 inches! So hand in hand with the snowstorm were (duh) snow, and no sunshine, so once again, no pictures. Tomorrow the forecast is better, maybe I can shoot the Three Cheese Stuffed Shells I've got on the menu.

Does this ever happen to anyone else? You make something really amazing and you just don't have the heart to post a crummy shot? I'd love to commiserate.


Emiline said...

I think we're all dealing with the same issue. That's why you hardly see dinner-type items coming out of my kitchen. I don't have that great of a camera. I'm thinking about investing in another one.
Try to survive in all that snow!

EAT! said...

I feel your photo taking pain. When I can't take pictures outside, I have the best light in my laundry room. I actually take pictures of my food as it sits on top of the washer. There is a fluorescent light and a window in the room which seems to help. Search the internet for making a simple light box. It isn't as good as natural light, but it will make do.

Katie Gregg said...

These look delicious. I love homeamde biscotti!

Deborah Dowd said...

Since I am more a writer and cook than photographer, I don't worry too much if my photos are not great. Sometimes I post without pictures or use stock photos of the ingredients. I am learning all the time, but I can always go back and add pix later.

bakingbarb said...

I tagged you. Hit up my blog and keep tagging.

bakingbarb said...

Leah, YES blog friends is how I feel too! I really do enjoy your blog. Like you, I have made many meals that are not on the blog, same reason.