Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Shrunk My Jeans?

It's a sad, sad day this morning. I could just sit down and cry in my coffee. Actually, I can't sit down, and here's why.

I took out my favorite white jeans this morning (yeah, with Memorial Day weekend coming up and all), slid them on....tugged them on....a few deep knee bends....check the rear view in the's not lookin' good. Yes, they're 'on', and yes, they do still button, but seriously, is this someone's idea of a joke? I love these jeans and was sooooo looking forward to wearing them and they look like total CRAP! I'm so bummed....(big frown, sniff sniff).

Clearly, Leah has been spending a little bit tooooo much time in a corner of her kitchen and too little time in a corner of the GYM! Boo hoo, what an awful feeling.
This is the absolute wrong weekend to start counting Weight Watchers points. I've made plans with friends for margaritas tomorrow night, we have plans on Saturday for a cookout at the lake with some other pals -- ribs, cheesy potatoes, and beers, beers, and more beers. I know the kids will be hitting us up to stop at our favorite custard stand out by our cottage. It's a recipe for disaster!

So, I've never blogged about breakfast but after the jeans incident in my closet just now, I decided to whip up something healthy and low in Weight Watchers points. Of course, I could not just eat a waffle out of the toaster or yogurt out of the plastic cup. For me, half the fun of eating is having pretty food. It does look pretty, don't you think? And only 3 Weight Watchers points.

I'm hittin' the streets for a four mile run.....but before I go, does anyone know how many points are in Baby Backs?


Prudy said...

I did a four mile this morning, too. I literally JUST finally lost the weight from Christmas this month. Oh, the torturous conflict of those who love to eat!

Lisa said...

I had the same problem when I took out my summer clothes a few weeks ago. The running should take care of it. I've been doing a few extra miles myself. Your breakfast does look pretty!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, I hear ya sista!!! I exercise my fat ass 6-7 days a week. Step aerobics, weights, the firm, and then walk 3 miles on top of that pushing kids in a jogging stroller. Friggin cupcakes don't want to move off my hips. What more do they want from me??? I have to eat!!!!!!!!! I exercise!!!!!!! I should look like I am 20 NOT the 38 that I am!!!

Jan said...

Just buy a bigger size in jeans, and keep enjoying life.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Oh Leah, I'm doing some "Leah Lovin" right about now! Love your blog...and if that's your actual kitchen, I may hate you, too.
My problem with white jeans is all the crap I spill on them. Red wine, taco sauce, whatever. I say we all just give it up and wear housecoats! I hike like hell and still that glob of muffin top just spills over my jeans like some sort of food lava.

RecipeGirl said...

Ya know, it's a lifelong struggle for most of us who love to cook (and eat!) I managed to make 25 different types of sweets at Christmas time last year and didn't gain a pound, but now I seem to be having a tough time fitting into jeans too. I figure Tuesday is a good day to start. The gym will help too if I can manage to tear myself away from the computer. Good luck :)

emily said...

I hear ya there! Summer is a fun time, but the winter weight sneeks up on you fast!

Just found your blog and I really am enjoying it. I am a Milwaukee native, transported to Atlanta. It's nice to see fine another Cheesehead on the blog roll!